Amateur Radio: KZ2X

This is my amateur radio page. I am an amateur radio operator, and I hold an FCC-issued Amateur Extra class license. My call sign is KZ2X. I was previously licensed as AC2OI.

I find that I am much less interested to the operating side of radio, and much more in the home-brewing and engineering side. I am specifically interested in QRP transmitters, data modes (modulation, framing, protocols, etc) and electronics experimentation. I enjoy the software/hardware interface and I like applying my software experience to radio via telemetry and remote control applications as well as digital singal processing on general-purpose microcontrollers.

Hardware is a relatively recent discovery, and I now maintain a fairly well-appointed lab in the shack, with various manner of tools, test equipment, supplies, etc. Finding room for everything and keeping it all organized is a challenge and the space is a continual work in progress.

I write significantly more about amateur radio on a dedicated blog at; please check that out.